The Absence of Knowledge: Second Epoch (Plus New Stories — One Updating Now!)

The Absence of Knowledge collection takes place across four timelines, or ‘epochs,’ as I’m calling them (because Crono Trigger). And big news: The Second Epoch is done! That’s the halfway point, for you fancy math-knowers out there. We’re actually two stories into the Third Epoch now, if you count the ones live-updating on Wattpad. So for those of you who prefer to burn through a bunch of these at once in eBook form, I got your back: Just click here to get The Absence of Knowledge, Second Epoch: The Black Spot on Amazon.

Now, remember, this is not the point where you support me financially. I do plan on monetizing this book somehow once it’s all finished, and I’d love your support at that time. But we’re not there yet, and I don’t want to burn out your good will (or your wallet) before we hit that point. The Wattpad versions are live updates, so they’re a bit rough around the edges — but all of the final versions of these stories are available for free, right here on this website, exactly as they appear in the eBook. If you don’t want to pay the .99 cents, you don’t have to! In fact, the only reason it’s not free is that Amazon doesn’t allow it unless you agree to Kindle exclusivity (and even then, you only get two weeks of ‘free’ pricing). This is the bare minimum they let me charge. This is just for folks who don’t mind tossing a dollar to read it offline, or properly synced for their Kindle, or just happen to hate dollars with a mindless and burning passion. That said, reviews are always appreciated! They help spread the word, and that’s invaluable.

Oh, and there’s a new story now updating live on Wattpad, the second in the Third Epoch, called Lock the Light Away. Find it here. And thanks for reading!

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