The Absence of Knowledge

About the Collection

It starts small: Just a noise. Just static. Just a small, black, featureless spot in the sky. You put it out of your mind. You go about your day. But something about it stays with you. When you have a spare moment, you listen again. You look again. You wonder. 

You go to sleep. You go to work. You listen. You look. You eat dinner. You listen. You take a shower. You look. You snap out of it, only to find that hours have passed. You have blood on your hands. In your mouth. You don't know where it came from. You should be horrified. You should call the police. And you will. 

But not until you listen again. 

Not until you look, just one more time.

How It Works

The Absence of Knowledge is a collection of interconnected horror stories -- think World War Z, rather than short story anthology -- that together reveal a larger tale spanning several decades, from the reception of a strange radio signal, to the fall of humanity, and beyond.

Stories premiere in serial form on Wattpad first, then the final versions release on this site once finished.

Table of Contents (Thus Far…)


First Epoch, The Signal

Part 1: Messier 55

Part 2: Carrier Wave

Part 3: Trypanosomiasis

Part 4: The Merry

Part 5: War Bastard


Second Epoch, The Black Spot

Part 6: Scratching at the Door

Part 7: Everybody in the Whole World

Part 8: Siege Tower


Third Epoch, The Order

Part 9: The New History of Concord

Part 10: Lock the Light Away (now updating live on Wattpad!)


All of these stories are free here on the site, but if you just hate money, you can purchase the First Epoch as an eBook here on Amazon, or the Second Epoch right here.